Get the powerfull heating performance and bold styling you want, while utilizing innovative environmentally firendly technology with Hosseven pellet burning stoves. The steel pellet stoves , not only will you enjoy effective, efficient heating, but our unparalleled design and craftmanship fit seanslessly with any decor.

General Info

Hydro Comfort 

Can also be integrated into your existing system.

The pellet boiler stove can be the primary system for the heatingand the production of domestic hot water or it can supplement the conventional water heating system or underfloor system.

Air Heating 

Five fan speed force ventilation system.

Independet fan capable of climate zone control.

Remote Control 

Lcd Display timer, thermostat and multicomfort function. *Remote management via smart phones.

SAFETY- ( Auto Stop System)

Operation is constantly monitored by the electronic board to ensure safe operation at all times. The pellet screw stops (thus stopping combustion) immediately when the operational settings are violated.


Steel insert with cast iron door , can be opened with hidden handle.

Air Glass System

Self-Cleaning ceramic glass resistant up to 750 C.

Easy Cleaning

Quick and easy maintenance , removeable ash drawer.

Your benefits:

  • Independent of the operating system or app
  • Easy to use
  • Minimum cleaning works
  • Longer heating periods
  • Pleasant convection heat
  • No raised dust
  • Quiet operation

* Optional

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Thermal Output 20 kW
  • Weight 193 KG
  • Heatable 571 m3